(YEIDA) Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority had its 62nd board conference on Monday. In the meeting, it was decided to move its monumental residential scheme proposed on agricultural plot of Bhatta-Parsaul village that witnessed a violent skirmish involving farmers and the Government in 2011, to other regions.

The step follows the authority acknowledging that the farmers will not give away their inherited farming land. The YEIDA tries to give deliver 3,700 residential plot to allottees that are caught in a legal clutter since the last seven years.

In 2009, YEIDA had rolled out a 21,000 plot scheme in sectors 18 and 20. Nearly, 150 hectares of land on which 3,700 plots were intended, are on the agricultural land of the Bhatta-Parsaul village, situated 165 km off Yamuna Expressway.

Lately, YEIDA has communicated to farmers that since they are not giving their land for building homes, the authority will not permit them to use this land for any other purposes, apart from agriculture.

“We have decided that if the farmers do not want to give land to us for housing scheme then we will ensure that the farmers will use this land only for the purpose of agricultural activities. We will reserve farmers’ land earlier earmarked for housing scheme only for carrying our agricultural activities. We have ample land available in other nearby areas, where we will provide the land for 3,700 residential plots,” said Dr Prabhat Kumar chairman, YEIDA.

At least two farmers and two police personnel lost their lives and the then district magistrate was injured, during the clashes in 2011, between the then Government and the farmers.

In 2011, 32 farmers were placed under arrest for violence against government officials and policemen under sections 147, 148, 149, 153, 302, 307, 336 and 332 of the IPC.

Presently, the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) Jewar MLA Dhirendra Singh led a group of farmers to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to request for dropping cases against them.

Nevertheless, farmers are still awaiting alleviation from the State Government. The annoyed farmers are adamant about giving away their land and for any kind of residential development.

Amidst the turmoil, Singh was a Congress member and had been at the focus of countrywide attention since he navigated then Congress Vice-President, Rahul Gandhi on his motorbike to the two villages. Following his win in the last UP assembly polls, farmers have been optimistic for an encouraging result.

“The YEIDA is blackmailing innocent farmers through this new decision approved in the board meeting. They want to snatch our land at meagre rates. We do not see any difference in approach towards farmers between BJP government, or the earlier governments of SP or BSP that did not do justice with us. Officials want to snatch away our land at cheaper rates and give it to other private players to make commission,” said Virendra Kumar, a farmer of Bhatta village.

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