There is a time when you just cannot wait to buy a new home and at the same time, it requires you to sell your existing house. The only thing that you feel is a hurdle in the way of the deal is going through the intricacies of the documentation and associated formalities to finalize the deal on you’re the present one. You can be optimistic about getting a good offer as earliest as possible. After all, it is difficult to be patient when waiting for the house of your dreams!

The fact is that there is a time-honored trick that has proved to bring down your home’s time in the market. A research by the Real Estate Staging Association revealed that houses put up for sale before listing received an offer in only 23 days on average. That is 90% quicker as compared to those who lingered for months after listing to be staged.

If your budget does not allow you, it might give you an indication that you cannot afford to stage your home. However, there are five free tricks that can make your house sell faster.

  1. Evoke your inbuilt Cleanliness Drive

All of us are aware that the inclination towards a cleanliness drive proves useful someday or the other. This is the time to make your way and win the hearts of buyers!

The best part about tidying up is that it is not a jigsaw puzzle—but it is the most important and easy way to create a delightful atmosphere. Focus strongly on the evident pain areas such as:

  • Kitchen and washroom sideboards
  • Fireplace mantelpiece
  • Laundering chamber counters
  • Desktops
  • Newspaper racks

No tidying up tip can be wrapped up devoid of a call to organize your cupboards. If your cupboard is filled to overflow, it seems impossible to get things to fit in. Buyers should feel the ‘Wow’ factor as soon as they get a feeling of a spacious closet that offers ample area for all the stuff—and no too stuffed up for any space.

  1. Reorganize the Furniture

As soon as the clutter is replaced by the ‘organized’ look, walk back a few steps and take a look at the bigger picture. Do you, from an investor’s point of view, see your house as a tempting offer? Would a buyer love to hang around the place? Do they have enough room to walk around without furniture getting in their way? If the answer to these questions is negative, you need to pull up your socks and get to work!

  1. Step into a buyer’s shoes

Tidying up your home for staging is presence of mind. However, many people undervalue the importance of a clean home. This should not be taken up as a routine weekend cleanup drive. Consider it as an adrenaline-fueled clean-up campaign. You should be able to scrutinize and view it all from the buyer’s viewpoint leaving no scope for slips. Even the seemingly minute trifles count. Right from roof fans and window curtains to basements and tile plaster, no exterior remains uncleaned.

Remember to ensure that your windows are glistening clean. The inflow of light should be at its maximum to add on to the shine.

Begin by moving bulky articles into storerooms or storage areas and keeping furniture at an optimum distance from the walls. There are instances where the room is made up in such a way that children have their play area in the center of the room or the television is easily visible from every chair and settee. Buyers prefer to breeze in and get to spread out in an open—yet private space that stimulates a conversation rather than switching channels.

  1. Arrange the Table

Staging sculpts a picture for prospective buyers so they can envisage life in your home. If buyers can imagine their family live there then they begin to believe that their family can live there. The most perfect representation of family life is indicated at the dinner table.

This is the reason that it is recommended that the dining area becomes the focus of beautification. Make an ornate spread of your good china, dinner sets and linens out in the open. In addition to this, blend a seasonal canopy with a tinge of bold hues. It is not required to get carried away with every bit of tableware in your treasure chest. Make it look simple yet elegant but by readying a dinner table for two, along with an ornate centerpiece on top of a liberal table-mat. A lot of eyeful encouraging scenes can be taken from Pinterest and Houzz.

A seasoned agent can provide a third person’s view and help you re-visualize your home. Walk into every room and see if there are chunks that be given a new purpose for the living room to bring in the desirable results.

  1. Bring the Outside In

Make your house the most bright and shining space you can think of. Fresh flowers are a treat to the eye. They comfort a room and send across feelers about the place being the best thing one can experience. You do not have to depend on a flowery garden in your backyard, rather, you can get these from a nearby flower shop or perhaps a fresh bouquet from the grocery store. If you run out of vases, an antique pitcher can also be used in its place or a mason jar can be given a heritage look.

Flowers are not the only things that own the monopoly of beautification. If you grow fruits and vegetables in your courtyard or backyard, make then the stars of your kitchen, in bowls or on counters.

Shell out some additional cash if it speeds up the sale

If you can allow for some cash to make things happen in your favor, this is what is recommended to get your house rapidly saleable within a tight deadline and a minimal budget: Small expenditures can cover paint jobs and covering the front yard because buyers might not give you more than six seconds to execute the sale—three seconds beginning at the curb and another three seconds at the foyer.

There is no doubt that every home is not the same. Prior to spending money on invigorating your house, do not forget to get tips from your most trusted real estate agent. Get it straight from the professionals; they are the ones who are the most updated about the preferences of buyers in their area and can prove to be a big help in magnifying your home’s appeal without blundering your budget.

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