You can never measure the sentiments that bond your home with you until you put it across for sale. Out of the blue each and every corner and crevice is attached with a special occasion or fair and pleasant memories.

You can only get a practical point of view when you see your house from a buyer’s point of view. Ironically the blatant truth is that the offbeat insufficiencies of your home are not things that may appeal to prospective buyers.

This tug of war between the realistic and the idealistic waves is likely to fan the fire of emotions for every member of the family. However, if your emotions rule your mind at the time of putting your home on for sale, the results can be extremely detrimental and lead to delays or probably fizzle out all your plans to sell your house.

Excessively Attached and Unreasonably Priced

The common factor with all sellers is that they are likely to quote a higher than worth asking price for their homes. However, those who have strong sentiments that bond them with their homes have a much stronger tendency to get carried away. It is their belief that the “ideal” family will lose their heart to this home the way it is and will be ready to pay a higher price for it.

Home buyers seldom let their thoughts go on those lines. However, they might agree to pay a higher amount for a specific location or characteristics that are a value-add to the home. So the sellers need to see beyond the basic repairs and sanitation when they get their homes ready to be put on sale. Prepare your home to give a feeling to the buyers about the kind of lifestyle they can expect if they buy your house.

Get Ready for Negativity Surcharge

The more you put your house on display, the higher the probability of criticisms your home might be subjected to. Moreover, when a buyer tenders a proposal, it might be not as per your level of expectations. Other than that, agreement negotiations are liable to indicate even more defects in your house.

Not taking this negativity positively might get you to refuse a low offer as “insignificant.” Then you might wait for a better offer and you hold on for quite some time.

The higher the waiting period, the less is the probability of you getting the price you expect for your home. There is no use of wasting time. Even an offer that is not good enough presents a prospective chance to sell your house, so one needs to look at it in an objective way. Supported by some adroit bargaining, a disappointing offer can be transformed into a transaction which results in a win-win situation.

Protect yourself against anxiety

It is very evident that these sentimental cycles can cause stress for home sellers. A seasoned realty agent can help you stay clear of the mistakes that majority of home sellers commit. If the beginning is good and the agent is a professional, you have sufficient support to get you the right price for your home. The price fixed by you and your agent will mirror your home’s actual value and not a sentiment-based figure.

Your agent is also a great help when drawing buyers with tips on bettering and presenting your home in such a way that its best aspects are accentuated. Thus, when the time for negotiations arrives, one should keep calm and allow their agent to take care of the details.

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