Instagram narratives, online jigsaws and jingle beats— realty portals are opting for the social media command of communication, with the help of online platforms in novel ways as they try to connect with prospective customers online.

Social media is being implemented to achieve business targets.

There is much more to this. These firms are also taking up the information they collect through responses, clicks and likes to foretell forthcoming responses and turn the tables on endeavors against the looming background.

“The ability to predict human behavior through qualitative data analysis of impressions and engagements on Twitter and likes on Facebook and YouTube has helped in understanding and evaluating data coming from formal sources and is allowing realty service providers to move towards a more predictive approach,” says Ramesh Nair, CEO and country head at realty consultancy, JLL India.

When a real estate firm rolls out an Instagram expedition that showcases extraordinary homes, it comprehends that the targeted audience is more inclined towards connecting with the expression of a real dream house, instead of a poster-based one on a CAD drawing — and these firms also realize that for prospective investors these types of representations augment the conceived reliability of the brand itself.

“Digital marketing is not a unidirectional medium,” says Hitesh Motwani, CEO of Socialopedia, a digital media consultancy firm. “Most online marketing is actually re-marketing. Sellers target buyers through cookies. But social media makes data more easily available, opening up consumers to targeted advertising. For example, if you sign up to be a part of a rental group or community on Facebook, your interest doesn’t go unnoticed by the industry that is hoping to sell you their commodity.”

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