The commercial realty circle is rapidly getting a grip on the call for elitism and opulence in sporting facilities. Cricket, badminton and football games have now crossed over to indoors domains within air-conditioned realms rather than staying confined to fields.

Anuj Ghai, 29, an entrepreneur who is an ardent player of cricket and football in an indoor terrain in Powai, now favors this substitute. “The membership fees include benefits such as being able to host a movie night every month at the venue,” he says. “And I do not have to cancel my match because of rains or gets unburnt in the heat.”

The domains, since they are expensive to access, are characteristically versatile, says Mazhar Nadiadwala, MD of Dome Entertainment for Dome@NSCI, an indoor adventure site in Worli. “You get luxury seating, air-conditioning and ample parking with a booking at the venue.”

These venues also offer several options to socialize. “There’s a well-maintained, well-staffed café,” says Ghai.

Be a club member

Primarily, the belief is that you are not required to negotiate on luxury, opines Niranjan Hiranandani, CMD at Hiranandani Communities, the company section that creates holistic townships. “The amenities are hence marketed with Stay Healthy, Work Better tags — as an integrated part of healthy living and working.”

With the expansion of luxury business domains area, the aim is to integrate international league sports features, states Sahil Kapoor, Regional Director for realty sector brokerage firm RE/MAX India. “The market exists; people are ready to pay for an upgraded work-life product.”

It has gradually transformed into a matter of repute, for example, in the case of big firms to flaunt a sports club in the vicinity of their office compounds— similar to it being utilized as be a matter of standing to have a gymnasium and additionally a swimming pool. “Commercial real-estate in India is, after all, catching up with that in developed economies such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai,” sums up Kapoor.

Additionally synergistic working areas are appending entertainment facilities to their menu. “At the TCS Olympus Centre in Hiranandani Estate, Thane, we offer a sports training block, clubhouse and indoor sports arena,” says Hiranandani.

Personnel and users of the associated working space have the option to bring their children aboard as well, reserve a section of the space for private social gatherings.

“Part of the attraction also is that clubs demand you have a membership, while these spaces can be accessed on a pay-per-use basis,” according to Dharmesh Jain, CMD of the Nirmal Lifestyle conglomerate. “You can hence indulge in a range of sports all year round, or just use the services once. With the added advantage that the amenities are right next to your office.”

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