An upcoming Indo-Canadian joint venture is underway to provide training to smart city planners on competence-building and management. As per the specialists linked to the project, development in twenty cities all through the states of Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan will probably be expedited soon under this enterprise.

According to the planned opening move, stringent preparation and research would be conducted to measure the capability and investment requirements in townships, they said.

The 20 cities have been tagged from the 64 cities in the three states that fall under the Atal Mission, headed famously as AMRUT. The task comprises capacity upgrade, reform application, water provision, drainage system and others.

It is pertaining to this that the Society for Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA) founded in India, and the Canada-India Centre for Excellence (CICE) at Carleton University is starting an endeavor to enhance the quality of the service providing infrastructure of these urban areas and hence generate prospects for private investments.

“The joint initiative would leverage Canadian and Indian expertise to address underlying challenges and build downstream receptor capacity,” Rajesh Tandon, president of PRIA said.

Harry Sharma, Manager, CICE said, “The Carleton University and CICE had already carried out considerable work with the Indian Smart Cities Mission. CICE had developed a portal called Smart Cities Navigator to identify market opportunities in India for Canadian investors and companies”.

According to them the proposition is inclined at providing training to at least 150 executive city planners and designers and build local stages and implements for effectual and foreseeable planning and implementation of “smart cities”.

According to researchers, the programme comes to fore when there are narratives that only 7 per cent of the Rs 600 crore discharged by India can be used by the municipalities due to the absence of the needed governance and capacity building.

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