With a bit of ‘know how’ and cautiousness, the house owner can stay clear of highly priced blunders, which can be change a profitable deal into a big loss.


The fundamental biggest wrong that people do is fixing the asking price very high. A figure suitable for both, the house and the market scenario pulls in the highest number of eligible buyers, making it more likely for you to get a more competitive price in the end.

Home Exhibition

Homes are not put on display in their best state and this is another reason for not getting the right price. Always follow the advice you are given with respect to decorative changes and secondary corrective work.

  • A tidy, well-maintained and pleasantly scented home needless to say, speaks for itself.
  • The hours to stage your home for a show should be scheduled in a way that it is convenient for the maximum number of buyers to be able to see it. In an aggressive marketplace, buyers are very likely to go to some other place and get attached to another house.
  • Do not be around while your house is being displayed. Potential buyers feel more relaxed while asking questions and putting across concerns when the present owners are not around.
  • Put out of sight as many personal articles as you can. The items that brand the house as ‘yours’ intervene with the buyers’ aptitudes to envisage it as theirs.

Other Reflections

To evade a situation of loss while bargaining at both sides, it is advisable to sell before you buy. Moving should be outlined at the earliest and pack for all intents and purposes as you can as soon as you can.

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