Following a meeting with homebuyers and builders on December 23 in Noida, UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath promised delivery of 80,000 homes in Noida, Greater Noida and Yamuna expressway areas to buyers by the end of March 2018.

The CM also assured that strict action would be taken against defaulting builders. Developers would be brought to the book after culmination of physical and financial audit in the three regions.

The chief minister said that the delivery of homes is being reorganized and builders are being bracketed into three classes; first, those who are solvent to deliver; second, who are taking steps to deliver but stranded in projects due to trivial dues and ultimately those who are insolvent and incapable of deliverance.

Yogi also said. “Soon after coming to power, our government put in place a committee of three ministers comprising ministers Satish Mahana, Suresh Khanna and Suresh Rana, who have been coming here for the past few months to solve the problems being faced. Following their intensive follow-up and attempts at finding solutions for the homebuyers, we will now be able to deliver 40,000 homes by the end of this year and another 40,000 by March 2018”.

The CM also added, “I have further directed the three authorities to solve the problems being faced by builders on a case-to-case basis so that we can deliver more flats to buyers without further delay”.

In his address, Yogi also said, “The three authorities have been asked to complete the audit of each and every builder and find out whether builders will be able to deliver or not and seek help at the government level, wherever required. They will also need to identify which are the builders who need co-developers to complete their projects and lastly, if there is any bit of negligence from the builders towards the buyers in handing over their homes. The authorities will keep all their options open for taking action and not shy away from it”.

The CM was Noida to supervise and survey the preparations being made prior to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to inaugurate Delhi Metro’s Magenta Line between Botanical Garden and Kalkaji Mandir on December 25.

Getamber Anand, Chairperson, CREDAI, said that the CM’s instructions to authorities come as a relief to homebuyers. He also said that the realty sector is keen to deliver delayed projects with the support of the government and authorities. He explained that if the government absolves and resolves the dues fairly, even more homes can be delivered.

Indrish Gupta, Co-founder, Noida Extension Flat Owners Welfare Association (NEFOWA), who met Yogi, along with 10 other buyers said “The chief minister has given us his assurances, but the buyers are not happy. The crisis of the buyers is hitting the roof and our protest on December 25 will still be held despite this intervention”.

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