Getting the house you want to sell, ready for lookers, or presenting it in the right way matters a lot. In addition to ascertaining that your property is on sale faster, this has the potential to add a lot more money to its value.

Let us see some basic ways of making your house difficult for buyers to refuse.

  1. When developers stage out sample flats for viewers, they add a lot of furniture to bring in warmth to the property. Empty house are never as attractive as furnished ones. Make sure that the house you are selling has the bare minimum furnishing to make it look a good buy for buyers.
  2. A squeaky clean bathroom can bring in clean and quick deals. Make sure that all the washrooms and toilets are washed and scrubbed clean and the drains are clog-free.
  3. There should be no seepage or leaking pipes even in washrooms that are not normally used. This gives a fear to the buyer about spending a lot on work to be done to fix them. Every faucet and toilet should be ready for use.
  4. If the house you are selling is has a self-governed parking area, try to have it covered with a shed or the likes. Check for all balcony grills and railings for breakage.
  5. Make your house look eco-friendly by giving it a green look with potted plants. On those lines, imitation plants also make an empty house delightful.
  6. More than the number of plug points and switches, it is important to have the existing ones working and soft lights to replace fused bulbs would brighten up the prospects of getting a shimmering deal for the house.
  7. A buyer who comes see your house should not end up having to wear a dust mask, once inside. Have your house vacuum cleaned with all cobwebs cleaned and floors mopped.
  8. A modular kitchen in a bad shape gives a very poor impression to buyers. Generous spray of pesticide should get rid of roaches and other pests.
  9. Cracked tiles and damaged floors give the house a dilapidated look. Get your floor polished and replace broken tiles to ring in that lustre without having to spend a fortune on grinding and polishing.
  10. A coating of fresh paint can give a youthful look to the house, even it is a primary coat of distemper. A light shade gives the house a spacious look.
  11. All cracks and crevices should be filled with putty and damages should be plastered. If water is sprayed on the external walls and front yard as well as back yard, it will give a shine to the house.

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