With the dawn of Thursday, Noida-Greater Noida Metro Aqua line got its first metro train. As stated by the management of Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC), this train that is presently stationed at the Greater Noida metro shed is four-coach long and will be ceremonially exhibited for inauguration on December 18. At the launch will be the managing directors of NMRC and DMRC, Alok Tandon and Mangu Singh, respectively. It is presumed that trial runs for the corridor will begin in the end of December.

On November 2, China shipped the first train to run on the 29.7 km Noida-Greater Noida Metro corridor, from Nanjing to Mundra port in Gujarat. The train then embarked on its road journey to the Greater Noida depot, reaching its destination at 5 am on Thursday. Its body and fittings are now being examined and inspected for possible damages during transportation. Subsequently, it will be kept in reserve for power generation. This was disclosed by P D Upadhyay, General Manager (finance), NMRC.

CRRC Nanjing Corporation Limited is a rolling stock manufacturer from China and the supplier of trains to DMRC for the corridor. CRCC has sent a high-level team that is posted at the Greater Noida Depot to see through the hassle-free changeover of the train from the depot onto the trial line. December 18 is the date when the train is likely to speed across the test track within the depot, which will be fortnightly prior to the launch of trials for the corridor.

Mr Upadhyay added that the beginning of the first trial runs of the corridor will start from Greater Noida across 6 km, from the Depot station to Knowledge Park, traversing six stations. These trials will probably extend through a period of almost two months.

Elaborating on the mission readiness of the Aqua line, Upadhyay added that more than half of the Electrical and mechanical work for the corridor has reached completion and 65% of the tracks have been fixed all through the 30 km viaduct. Sixty percent of the signals are also waiting to be switched on. Frames and nuts and bolts of all the 21 stations are going through finishing stages. The Sector 148 power sub-station will go live by the last week of December. This sub-station will be the supply center for the entire Aqua line, whereas the 21 stations will get their power from the 10 megawatt solar energy generated by overhead panels.


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