YEIDA (Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority) authorities, on Wednesday, announced their plan to improve and expand connectivity between the scheduled international airport at Jewar and adjoining towns and highways. YEIDA has come up with at least three substitute avenues for commuters to access the airport, after its completion.

According to YEIDA CEO, Arun Vir Singh, the aim is to bring to fore the best connectivity options between the prospective airport and different places within NCR. YEIDA officials also confirmed that apart from other highways, the upcoming airport will also be connected to the Yamuna expressway and the Eastern Peripheral Expressway, which will make it easy for commuters from nearby areas to access the airport.

YEIDA has mentioned three routes in their proposal, comprising links from the 165-km Yamuna expressway that connects Greater Noida to Agra. Jewar will be accessible via the planned expressway between Palwal and Khurja, and Yamuna expressway, at the intersection near Sabota Mustafabad and YEIDA’s sectors 30, 31, 7 and 8, by a 7.5-km link. The second connectivity is via the 130m-wide road between Noida and Sirsa, all the way to Jewar; in all a 46 km stretch. The stretch of this road between Parthala Khanjarpur in Sector 122, Noida and Sirsa-Kasna in Greater Noida is already ready for use.

YEIDA is in the process of presenting a proposal to NCRPB for linking Yamuna expressway with Palwal-Khurja expressway. Previously, the 130m road was planned from Greater Noida till YEIDA’s Sector 20, but recently it has been decided to extend it to Jewar. In due course, a survey for this extension will be conducted, as communicated by a YEIDA official.

YEIDA has also arranged for a conference with NHAI in the coming week for talks on re-crafting and broadening the 60m service road that races parallel to Yamuna expressway. This will function as the third route to the proposed airport. This road up to Dankaur is already waiting to be accessed. It is now being planned to take it up to Jewar. This has already been communicated by YEIDA to the NHAI along with the scheme to add 100m more to the width of this road. The costs have yet to be worked out by both the bodies.

Yamuna expressway that runs between Greater Noida and Agra, will also work as a direct-connect route to the approved airport. The YEIDA chief is optimistic that five-six years hence, many people will be navigating to Jewar from different parts of NCR.

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